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Higher Goals Drive Out Prole Drag

Those who hope to have a future for humanity, or even better an improvement on humanity, aim for a higher path through realistic mental clarity and discipline: The search for the Grail is founded on the process of ‘becoming’, the act of evolving and transcending into a different presence. When Odin gains wisdom of the […]

Logical Mind Versus Emotional Mind

Viktor Winterberg asks how we find sanity through discipline: In order to sort your life out, you need to think rationally about it. In order to think rationally, you need to wipe your mental slate. In order to wipe your mental slate, you need to be relaxed. You should never think about your life unless […]

Hard Power Versus Soft Power

Food for thought: what wins out over the years of history, military power or the enduring influence of ideas? The Hard Power of Genghis Khan and Alexander The Great was deadly but what they created fell apart. The Soft Power of the Brahmins, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, which softly converts one human heart at a time, […]

What is Nihilism?

Nihilism rejects the idea of universal truths, values, and communications. Our pretenses to those, it says, are merely one interpretation competing with others, which by the esoteric principle of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, select their own audiences. But the core of nihilism seems to be relativity of perception as expressed in a suspension of belief in […]

What the Heck is Wrong with “Equality,” Anyway?

The notion of equality seduces and renders simplistic the human mind while justifying the promotion of mediocrity and lies: Equality is corrupt. To understand this, we have to separate actions from consequences. Humans judge their actions by optics in a social context. We like to do things that make other people think that we are […]

What is Ecocide?

Consider that we will be reduced to living in high-rises and eating seaweed if even a tenth of the ecosystems on Earth fail, and even more, how much we will hate ourselves for having destroyed something beautiful. Ecocide occurs when we have too many humans and not enough land set aside for nature: Human thinking […]

What is Genocide?

It turns out that we can re-envision genocide to include extermination of a majority by diversity if we pay attention to the definition of genocide: Our society accepts that genocide is the greatest evil ever, if that genocide happens because armed men shove people into camps. What it will not accept is that genocide can […]

Anarchy Now (The Version For Realists)

This site has been designed to be an atrocity. Only atrocity and extremity wake up the sheep from their illusions, since humanity has constructed a little bubble of peer pressure and finance with which it hopes to protect itself from reality out there, outside of human minds, beyond our control. Originally, many of us rejected […]

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