Month: November 2021

Higher Goals Drive Out Prole Drag

Those who hope to have a future for humanity, or even better an improvement on humanity, aim for a higher path through realistic mental clarity and discipline: The search for the Grail is founded on the process of ‘becoming’, the act of evolving and transcending into a different presence. When Odin gains wisdom of the […]

Logical Mind Versus Emotional Mind

Viktor Winterberg asks how we find sanity through discipline: In order to sort your life out, you need to think rationally about it. In order to think rationally, you need to wipe your mental slate. In order to wipe your mental slate, you need to be relaxed. You should never think about your life unless […]

Hard Power Versus Soft Power

Food for thought: what wins out over the years of history, military power or the enduring influence of ideas? The Hard Power of Genghis Khan and Alexander The Great was deadly but what they created fell apart. The Soft Power of the Brahmins, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, which softly converts one human heart at a time, […]

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