Logical Mind Versus Emotional Mind


Viktor Winterberg asks how we find sanity through discipline:

In order to sort your life out, you need to think rationally about it. In order to think rationally, you need to wipe your mental slate. In order to wipe your mental slate, you need to be relaxed. You should never think about your life unless you are relaxed first. If you aren’t relaxed, stop thinking about your life and go do something instead.

This is similar to the type of clear thinking required by those who are aware of more than themselves:

Intelligent use of the Law of Mind implies guarding all of our choices against overintensity. Certainly we must love, but just as certainly our love must not be overindulgent. There must, in matters of loving and rejecting, be calmness, balance and logical evaluation. Our choices and decisions must be made with an open-minded willingness to allow for unknown factors. Our own unconscious drives and the inherited thought patterns of others all influence the course of the Law. As Julian Huxley put it, we must rise to “a new level of co-operative interthinking.”

In other words, we need an inner discipline in order to find clarity of mind. This rejects the idea of The Enlightenment™ which says that we are all inherently equal in minimum rationality, seeing instead that we are illogical until we apply discipline to ourselves and become logical.

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